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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

- Albert Einstein

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Class times: Mondays from noon to 1:20pm in our Zoom room

Study session times: 5pm Mon/Wed, 9am Thursday, 5pm Sunday

Instructor: David L. Van Slyke, vanslyked@lanecc.edu, cell phone (541) 357-7551

Office hours by appointment: in Zoom during remote terms, otherwise at building 16 and room 261

Tutoring available at the Lane Support Hub and TRiO.

The achievement page is our online gradebook.

(Please communicate with me using the above cell phone or LCC email. Please do not use my LCC office phone or moodle's messages.)

Course Description


Math 52 (CRN 20002) Math for Health and Physical Sciences is a pre-algebra level course in professional-technical mathematics used in chemistry, dosage computation, and other science-related courses. Topics include unit conversions, metrics, scientific notation, significant figures, rates, proportions, percent applications, graphs, algebra of units, and logarithms for pH.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Practice decimal and fraction operations and apply to solve applications.
  2. Demonstrate the correct use of English, metric and apothecary units of measurement.
  3. Solve problems using unit (dimensional) analysis.
  4. Apply concepts of approximate numbers for rounding measurements.
  5. Demonstrate the correct use of labels for measurements, applications, and graphs.
  6. Use basic geometric formulas for area and perimeter of quadrilaterals.
  7. Compute with signed numbers.
  8. Solve equations and formulas for one variable.
  9. Interpret and create line graphs.
  10. Calculate and label slope of line graphs.
  11. Solve problems involving percents.
  12. Solve problems involving proportions for solutions and variation.
  13. Use and compare Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin temperature scales.
  14. Find the volume and density of objects.
  15. Calculate pH quantities involving logarithms.
  16. Calculate dosages for oral and injected medications including reconstituted liquids.
  17. Use and compute with exponential and scientific notation.
  18. Calculate both by hand and using a scientific calculator when appropriate.

Which degrees and programs require Math 52?

Instructor Information

instructor photo You may call me David. I have taught Math 20 and Math 25 at LCC for over a decade. I more recently began teaching Math 52 and 105, and ABSE Level C Math.

My teaching philosphy is summarized by the motto celebrating eating an elephant together.

I let the pace of class be guided by student questions and discussion instead of planning out a weekly schedule before the term begins. The website's topics are carefully designed so we move forward with fundamental skills in the most clear and sensible order, and also have opporunities to take side trips that explore all kinds of interesting applications.

My personal interests include gluten-free baking (my wife is extremely Celiac), hiking, reading, computer and board games, and much more.

I have lots of silly and inspiring stories from my years of teaching almost every grade level from Head Start through college. Here are a few to ask me about:

Head Start

Time and Materials Needed

Our class has a lot of homework. Students with an an average math foundation who want to be prepared for the final exam should expect to spend 4 to 8 hours each week doing homework.

the Sharp and TI calculators

Because we meet in Zoom you will need a reliable internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Please bring to class paper, a pencil, a highlighter, and a notebook.

You will need a scientific calculator that can do exponents and has a π key. A model with parenthesis keys and a fraction key is highly recommended. The online Desmos Calculator that is always linked at the top of our website works great. This Sharp is most popular for handheld calculators. Your smartphone might also work.

textbook cover An optional resource is Basic College Mathematics by Charles McKeague. It has nice videos for every example problem. It is available as a physical book or an e-book. (If you buy the physical book, you also get the e-book for free.)

A very optional item is an inexpensive computer stylus and drawing tablet. Students who want to contribute to our online whiteboard during class and have kids attending school remotely might possibly find this purchase worthwhile.

Together our class times, study sessions, this class website, the textbook if used, and the videos and OER textbooks linked from the class website provide many different ways of understanding each math topic. Find the resources that work best for you!

One of your key tasks is to condense your class notes, thoughts, homework, and favorite example problems into an improved set of notes that you are ​allowed to use on the final exam. Preparing these notes carefully is invaluable!


warning - objects in syllabus are closer than they appear By LCC policy, missing all classes and assignments during the first week causes you to be dropped from the class.

The Fall term holidays are Veterans' Day (Thursday, November 11th) and Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday, November 25th and 26th). Neither is one of our class days.

You can add this calendar to your own calendar app using this ICAL address.

Please note that LCC policy allows students with three or more finals on the same day to reschedule one of them. Sometimes final exams may be taken early because of medical or other concerns.

Key Resources

LaneCC Student Resources

LCC provides dumploads of resources to help students succeed. You can click on the image to the right to see my own compilation of student resources.

During remote terms the Math Resource Center, Tutor Central, other LCC tutoring centers, the college computer support, and many other student support offices all work together offering online Zoom help using the Lane Support Hub, which uses this Zoom room.

links for Lane Support Hub
kickstart grant icon

Fall term has KickStart Grants for up to $1,500 of financial assistance, with a deadline of October 4th but first come first served. Most students are eligible.

TRiOThe link to start TRiO tutoring is http://lanecc.edu/meettrio.

Jennifer Sacklin Jennifer Sacklin (e-mail, appointment)works with STEP at Lane to offer advising, job search assistance, and help purchasing class books and equipment (requires receiving SNAP but not TANF, and a bit more).

Katherine Kaylegian It is often valuable to visit an Early Outreach Specialist who is trained to connect students to whatever resources can help. The one who normally works most closely with math students is Katherine Kaylegian (e-mail). Alternatively, Norma Scovell (e-mail is their Spanish speaker.)

CAR Lane Community College is dedicated to providing inclusive learning environments. The Center for Accessible Resources coordinates all academic accomodations for students. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers due to a disability, to request assistance or accommodations, contact CAR at 541-463-5150 or accessibleresources@lanecc.edu.

All LCC classes adhere to the college's student rights and responsibilities and code of conduct.

You didn't click on my link to a big page of resources, did you? Then please at least click here to read about the many different workshops and other nice things offered by the college's advisors and counselors.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Procedures for Bad Weather

Sign up for LaneAlert

Distance learning is more immune to weather issues, but we should still know the routines...

Sign up for LaneAlert to receive e-mails or texts about weather closures! Log into mylane. In the Home tab, locate the box labeled Personal Information. Select the Lane Alert Emergency Notification link. Select which notifications you would like to receive. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

You can also listen to KLCC (FM 89.7) or KUGN (AM 590 or FM 97.9) for campus closure information. You can also check the websites of LCC and FlashAlert.

If class is canceled or you are absent, please read ahead using the class website to familiarize yourself with the upcoming topics and assignments. Then we can more quickly cover the missed material.

LCC's website has more about its weather closure policies.