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The greatest reward for a student is not a good grade. It is the willingness of his teacher to listen to him.

- Nikolay Konstantinov

homework turn in box You attempted the ten exercises for this topic. Those problems did not have an answer key. Use this form to ask me how well you did.

Before using this page, you should have your homework completed on paper. (Try being nice to your eyes and posture by printing the problems so you can work with pencil and paper instead of a screen.) This page is only for submitting your homework. To be short and concise it lacks any diagrams, pictures, or tables needed to work the problems.

Answer every question. Then use the button at the bottom of the page to create a code by processing your answers. Copy-and-paste the code into an e-mail.

Keep trying until you get 8 out of 10 or more.

1. 86 degrees Celsius is what temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?

about 30 degrees Fahrenheit about 80 degrees Fahrenheit
about 97 degrees Fahrenheit about 123 degrees Fahrenheit
about 187 degrees Fahrenheit about 212 degrees Fahrenheit

2. 44 degrees Fahrenheit is what temperature in degrees Celsius?

about 7 degrees Celsius about 22 degrees Celsius
about 47 degrees Celsius about 56 degrees Celsius
about 111 degrees Celsius about 137 degrees Celsius

3. A square with sides 10 feet long has the top quarter removed (like a triangular "bite" taken out of the top). What is the remaining area?

50 square feet 70 square feet 75 square feet 80 square feet

4. A circle of radius 6 cm has its southwest quarter removed. What is the perimeter of that "Pac-Man" shape?

26.1 cm 28.3 cm 40.3 cm 44.4 cm

5. A half-circle window has diameter of 8 feet. What is its perimeter?

3.14 feet 6.28 feet 20.57 feet
25.13 feet 50.27 feet 100.53 feet

6. You want to install a two foot wide sidewalk around a circular swimming pool. The diameter of the pool is 30 feet. What is the area of the donut-shaped sidewalk, rounded to the nearest square foot?

13 square feet 14.8 square feet 148 square feet 201 square feet

7. Clarabelle's Confusing Pizza Parlor sells a 20 inch diameter pizza for $18.99, and a 40 cm diameter pizza for $14.99. Which is the better buy? (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.)

the 20-inch diameter pizza the 40 cm diameter pizza

8. How large a circle (how big an area?) can fit inside a rectangle of base of 12 feet and height of 5 feet?

about 7.854 square feet about 7.958 square feet about 15.708 square feet
about 19.635 square feet about 31.416 square feet about 78.540 square feet

9. A square is cut in half. The perimeter of the resulting rectangle is 30 feet. What was the area of the original square?

9 square feet 60 square feet 100 square feet

10. The circumference of a quarter is 7.85 cm. What is its area?

about 4.9 square cm about 12.3 square cm
about 19.6 square cm about 48.4 square cm