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The greatest reward for a student is not a good grade. It is the willingness of his teacher to listen to him.

- Nikolay Konstantinov

homework turn in box You attempted the ten exercises for this topic. Those problems did not have an answer key. Use this form to ask me how well you did.

Before using this page, you should have your homework completed on paper. (Try being nice to your eyes and posture by printing the problems so you can work with pencil and paper instead of a screen.) This page is only for submitting your homework. To be short and concise it lacks any diagrams, pictures, or tables needed to work the problems.

Answer every question. Then use the button at the bottom of the page to create a code by processing your answers. Copy-and-paste the code into an e-mail.

Keep trying until you get 8 out of 10 or more.

1. Is the ratio "2.4 to 3.6" proportional to the ratio "1.8 to 2.7"?

Yes No Undefined

2. Solve the proportion: "7 to 1/4" is proportional to "28 to what?"

0.8 1 4 7 28 112

3. Fifteen hours of studying before a test lets you score 75 points. At that rate, how many points would you expect from studying 18 hours?

78 points 90 points 93 points

4. Julia's car can drive 120 miles on 4.5 gallons of gas. While driving across the country the tank gets down to 0.9 gallons. How many miles are left, for her to find a gas station?

3 miles 24 miles 27 miles 116 miles 486 miles 540 miles

5. Typically 5 people produce 13 kilograms of garbage each day. How many kilograms of garbage are produced each day by the 346,560 people in Lane County?

65 kilograms 133,292 kilograms
901,056 kilograms 22,526,400 kilograms

6. In a class of 40 students, on average six will be left-handed. A certain class has nine left-handed students. How large would you estimate the class is if its proportion of left-handed students is average?

43 students 60 students 120 students

7. The United States debt-to-GDP ratio is currently 255 to 200. If the U.S. debt is currently 28.8 trillion dollars, what is the gross domestic product?

$0.8 trillion $1.3 trillion $22.6 trillion
$36.7 trillion $38 trillion $55 trillion

8. A 25 pound turkey serves 18 people. How many pounds does each serving weigh?

0.72 pounds per serving 1.4 pounds per serving 4.5 pounds per serving

9. A 25 pound turkey serves 18 people. What is the unit rate of servings per pound?

0.72 servings per pound 1.4 servings per pound 4.5 servings per pound

10. To determine the number of deer in a game preserve, a forest ranger catches, tags, and releases 318 deer. Later he catches 168 deer and sees that 56 of them are tagged. Use a proportion to estimate the number of deer in the game preserve.

106 deer 954 deer 9,408 deer