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The greatest reward for a student is not a good grade. It is the willingness of his teacher to listen to him.

- Nikolay Konstantinov

homework turn in box You attempted the ten exercises for this topic. Those problems did not have an answer key. Use this form to ask me how well you did.

Before using this page, you should have your homework completed on paper. This page is only for submitting your homework. To be short and concise it lacks any diagrams, pictures, or tables needed to work the problems.

Answer every question. Then use the button at the bottom of the page to create a code by processing your answers. Copy-and-paste the code into an e-mail.

1. A cookie recipe calls for 23 cup of flour. If you are making a double batch, how much flour will you use?

26 cup 1 13 cup 2 cups

2. What is four-fifths times twenty?

4100 16 25

3. What is four-fifths times two-thirds?

815 34 65 12015

4. What is two-thirds divided by three-halves?

49 1 6 undefined

5. 2215 ÷ 335 =

29 2,17815 24225 72675

6. What is the least common multiple of 12 and 18?

12 18 24 36 72

7. What is five-sixths plus three-fourths?

810 812 109 1912

8. What is five-sixths minus three-fourths?

112 13 12 1

9. A piece of fabric that is 1 34 yards long is cut into seven equal pieces. How long is each piece?

449 yard 14 yard 354 yard
494 yard 1 328 yard 145 yard

10. Grandma Jorgensen left 23 of her 78 pound silver bullion bar to her son Lloyd. Lloyd gave each of his four children a 14 share. How much silver did each of Lloyd's children receive?

73 pound 14 pound 712 pound
748 pound 596 pound 3796 pound