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 Grocery Store Playground 

Buy stocks like you buy your groceries, not like you buy your perfume.

- Warren Buffett


What can some bookkeeping and math teach us about grocery shopping?

Try the following experiment:

First, keep track of a month's spending on grocery store spending. Record what items you buy, and how many times during the month. Do not worry yet about prices.

Second, at the end of the month break down your list of items by category: dairy, produce, meat, beverages, frozen foods, dry goods, prepared meals, bulk food, bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, baby items, etc.

more shopping

Next, visit three or more different grocery stores and price your list of items at each store.

Finally, find which stores are least expensive for each category. (It might be that one store is least expensive for dairy, but another for produce, etc.)

Does your analysis suggest any shopping strategy?