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To die would be an awfully big adventure.

- J. M. Barry, Peter Pan

Mortal Kombat meme with only masked warriors

Consider the following list of death rates in the United States. The numbers in the list are only estimates because different issues have been studied and counted in different years, and very few issues have a number for the current or even last year.

You are encouraged to double-check this data for more current information. A good place to start is the CDC Page on deaths and mortality.

Some other numbers besides death rates are included to help provide perspective on the various sizes of numbers.

This list has something surprising for almost everyone. What risks have you been worrying about too much? What risks should you pay more attention to?

(393,000,000 handguns owned) external link

(328,200,000 total U. S. population)


(69,075,000 combined population of Texas and California)

(60,000,000 rifles owned)


(24,591,000 conceptions, but 70% of fertilized eggs never implant)

(19,000,000 concealed handgun licences)


(7,377,000 pregnancies, but 40% are miscarriages)

(4,190,720 population of Oregon)

(3,788,000 babies born)

(2,000,000 national prison population due to non-drug crimes)


(639,863 population of Portland, Oregon)

(638,000 abortions)

690,882 heart disease external link

598,932 cancer external link

371,000 medical mistakes external link

345,323 COVID-19 external link

(322,000 national prison population due to drug crimes)


(203,000 children kidnapped by family members)

(166,575 population of Eugene, Oregon)

192,176 unintentional injuries external link

151,637 lung disease external link

159,050 stroke external link

133,382 Alzheimer's disease external link


(105,164 population of Hillsboro, Oregon)

101,106 diabetes external link

81,000 drug overdose deaths external link

55,000 lowest estimate for defensive gun use incidents external link

53,495 influenza and pneumonia external link

52,260 kidney disease external link

44,834 suicide external link

26,083 motor vehicle crashes not on interstates and freeways (about 1/4 from texting)

9,649 murders using handguns external link

11,178 motor vehicle crashes on interstates and freeways (about 1/4 from texting)


(10,520 number of for-credit students at LCC) external link

(10,393 population of Newport, Oregon)

(8,800 population of Florence, Oregon)

(5,584 number of non-credit continuing education students at LCC) external link

(3,781 number of College Now students at LCC) external link

3,704 fire external link


(1,168 number of non-credit skill development students at LCC) external link

1,476 murders using knives or other blades external link

1,307 falls involving stairs and steps external link

700 complications in pregnancy or childbirth (estimated) external link

600 murders using fists, feet, and other body parts external link

458 accidental handgun discharge external link

650 falls involving beds and chairs external link

397 murders using blunt objects external link

564 murders using rifles or shotguns external link

341 bathtub drownings external link

(247 lottery winners of $1 million or more)

200 vehicle accidents involving deer external link


(115 children kidnapped by strangers)

82 floods

54 bees, wasps, and hornets external link

50 lightning strikes external link

26 dogs external link

40 arthropods and reptiles external link

20 cows external link

15 icicles external link

12 venemous snakes and lizards external link

4 roller coasters

1 shark

0 airplane crashes